A Very Special Gift Idea for a Disabled Child

“What kind of gift should I buy for an eight year old girl?” a friend of mine recently asked me.

“Dolls, toys, anything”, I responded.

“Im stumped, my friend said, this little girl is completely paralyzed”.

Sadly, this little girl, the daughter of one of my friends co-workers, didnt want dolls like most eight year old girls do. Not because she couldnt play with them, my friend explained, but because “they werent like her”. They were like the OTHER kids at school.

My friend and I got together that night and searched the internet for hours. We really didnt even know what we were looking for. I’ll tell you one thing, we were completely disappointed by the search engines results for gifts for handicapped children.

Finally, she found a website called Sew Dolling. The company offers 18 inch dolls for children with disabilities. Several dolls can found with wheel chairs, prostheses, and crutches. Theyre very unique, carefully crafted, and theyre made of a vinyl (not porcelain). If they fall, they wont break.

Although we were both excited to find this unique gift, I really hope that other companies start marketing items that are play-friendly to children with disabilities.

Are you wondering how the child reacted to her gift? She loved it! Finally, a doll that wasnt like the “other kids” at school. If theres a special needs child in your family or neighborhood, this is a wonderful little gift!

A Gift Idea For Anyone Who Love’s Batman’s Joker

As you can tell by the hordes of fandom making their way to the theaters to dutifully watch every Batman movie that makes an appearance, Gotham City is quite the tourist destination. If your buddy reads comics, chances are that he reads Batman”. But what does SHE read?

“Batman”, of course. But for slightly different reasons.

If you have a girl-buddy who likes comics, get her into a Batman conversation. She will be too thrilled that you finally want to talk about one of her favorite things. See how long it takes her to bring up the Joker.

Girls who like Batman LOVE the Clown Prince of Crime. He’s a snappy dresser. He has style. He knows how to turn a phrase. That’s pretty much all it takes to win a girl’s heart. Face it; a guy who wears purple suits and green hair can’t afford not to have panache. 🙂

That’s why DC Comics gave us good ol’ Harley Quinn, our girl-on-the-front when it comes to Joker adoration. (Situations like this are why they say you shouldn’t date your patients, Dr. Quinzel.) But what’s done is done, and we’ve all had at least one joker in our lives. I, for one, always did like a good laugh.

So go ahead and get your Joker-lovin’ friend a copy of “The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told”.It has cover art by British artist Brian Bolland, a man who has obviously seen Mistah J himself, up close and personal. It’s perfectly okay for your friend to ooh and ahh over this bad boy as much as she wants. It isn’t like he can go all “Take on Me” and reach out of the panels or anything.

Or can he?

Not A Gift For The Devout

That is, unless you’re willing to burn some bridges. If you know some people who have a sense of humor or who just aren’t religious in the first place and like to have a few drinks every now and then, these gifts are just the best.

There are some things that are just unreasonably cute. They take you by surprise, and they make you laugh. Then you think, “Well that’s kind of pretty and poetic, too”.

Maybe I’m just weird, because that was my exact response to the Cocktail Demons. They’re these tiny little red plastic demons that hang from your drink by their curly little tails. They have pretty good detailing, too, with the classic demon shape of a cloven-hoofed man with horns, leathern wings and a pitch fork. Did I mention they’re red?

The demons come in a box of 50. They may all be red, so I’m not exactly sure of their drink-marking value, unless you are the only one who has a devil hanging from your glass. If you are, I can guarantee the little guy is going to go home in someone else’s pocket that night, so you’d better bring the other 49 along so everyone else can have a demon too. No one ever said demons were faithful! LOL

A Really Fun Executive Pen

Face it. When you work in the corporate world, there are certain things you have to do. You have to go to work regularly, for starters. For another thing, you have to wear a suit. You have to have piles of paperwork on your desk to make it look like you’re doing something useful. Complaining just a little about the work you ‘did’ last night For the Good of the Company helps too.

Oh, and you have to go to meetings. You can’t forget to do that. Better you forget to actually do the work you’re assigned than forget to attend one of those meetings.

When you are at one of those meetings, it’s best if you take notes. You’ll want to know what stuff you should pretend to be doing the following week. Looking attentive is half the battle. The other half is remembering to bring your pen.

Ah, that pen. That is the one thing that doesn’t have to be a certain way. Why not have a little bit of fun with the whole pen thing? One of the most fun types of pen is the Crayola Crayon Executive Pen. These things are a hoot. The cool thing is that this pen actually has the heft of an expensive pen. It isn’t just some cutesy little toy – it’s a cutesy little toy and a great pen.

When you run out of ink, you can refill it with standard ballpoint pen refills. The pen costs only $15.99 and will make a great gift for your best office buddy, or for anyone, really. If you work in an artistic type of job, they probably won’t notice your attempt to be goofy, however. Those places are like zoos to begin with.

Choose from one of eight classic colors. Red is the favorite, of course, but you can also have your pen in blue, green, yellow, orange, white, black and purple.

BitterSweets for Your Non-Valentine

With Valentine’s Day looming near, you might be dreading the day like you would a nuclear holocaust or the bird flu. While some people will be spending the day of love receiving flowers at work, sharing boxes of chocolates, or enjoying a romantic dinner for two with their sweeties, most of us will be hiding in the corner curled up in the fetal position crying nonsensically as we suffer through flashbacks of rejection, loneliness, and those cruel school days when none of our classmates had left us any of their Valentine’s Day cards.

If this sounds familiar, then you might enjoy taking the edge off by sharing a can of BitterSweets with those other people who actually enjoy Valentine’s Day. BitterSweets are just like those chalky little heart candies that have adorable little messages printed on them like UR2CUTE, but these candies have a decidedly different message printed on them.

There are three different BitterSweets to choose from, Dejected, Dysfunctional, and Dumped. They are printed with such bittersweet messages as Settle4Less, I’d Rather Drink, and Forget We Met. You can enjoy these tasty little reality bites all on your own or give them out to both friends and enemies. Each of the three BitterSweets come in a heart-shaped can and include 37 different depressing or angry sentiments printed on yummy, crunchy, pastel candies.

Give the Gift of Daily Affirmation

If you want to give a really nice and positive gift to someone you love or someone who has everything, then you should check out these Daily Reminder jars that are both unique and heartwarming.  Each glass container comes with 365 miniature notes inside that have funny, encouraging, or uplifting messages written on them.  Your gift recipient will simply open up the jar each day, read one of the colorful notes inside, and be reminded of how much you love them.

There are several different jars to choose from, including one for moms, daughters, sisters, cat lovers, and your special sweetheart.  Each jar comes with a card that expresses a positive message of love to your friend or family member and the notes are printed on bright, colorful pieces of tiny paper that can be randomly picked each day.  Kind of like opening up a fortune cookie every day without the calories!

They also have the Encourage-Mint jar which has a mixture of individually wrapped mints along with 100 short messages or quotes to choose from because sometimes your friends and family just need a little candy to get them through the struggles of their daily lives.

These jar are pretty, unique, and incredibly heartwarming.  They make great mother’s day, valentine’s day, birthday, holiday, or get well gifts that will remind your loved ones how special they are to you every single day throughout the year.

Invisible Bookshelves

You want to buy a funky, unique gift for someone who’s moving into his or her new digs. You want practical but not run-of-the-mill. You want something that someone will look at and say…”now that’s a cool idea!”

Think about buying a Concealed Invisible Bookshelf. It’s a product designed to make a personal library look like it’s hanging in the air.

Guests will enter the room and stand with a quizzical look on their faces as they stare at what’s before them on the wall. This gift is a great addition to an apartment or condominium because of their limited floor space. It’s also an inexpensive way to ‘funkifize’ a room. They retail in the $10 to $13 range.

The Concealed Invisible Bookshelf operates with one hardcover book as its base. You can add any assortment of paperbacks and hardcover’s to this base.

You simply screw the bookshelf into the wall (hopefully the wall stud).

Then you take the hardcover book, which will serve as the base and insert the back cover into the lip at the bottom of the bookshelf. Next, you fold over the top of the book onto the small protruding ledge of the Conceal Invisible Bookshelf. Then you start stacking any other books atop this hardcover. The hardcover serves as the strong support base for all the others.

The result is books floating in the air like stacks of cumulous-nimbus clouds. You can even set up a few bookshelves in an undulating pattern instead of a straight-line pattern. You can be as creative as you want to be with these invisible bookshelves. Your canvas is your wall; your creative tools are your screwdriver and bookshelf plates. The artistic result is up to you.

The Conceal Invisible Bookshelf comes in two sizes. The Standard size can handle a book depth of 8 inches and a total book weight of fifteen pounds. The Large size can handle a book depth of 10 inches and a total book weight of twenty pounds. However, if you do not screw the unit into a wall stud you should use wall anchors, drywall anchors, and the like.

The trick to giving your bookshelf the invisible look is to pile your books high enough on the unit to cover the metal apparatus screwed into the wall. This way no visible means of support are exposed and the books look like their suspended in air.

I think this would be a great gift idea for someone with a flair for the different. Again, it’s an ideal gift for those with limited storage space as everything is off the floor. The floor space saved is now available for other uses.

For the friend or family member who’s a reader, the Conceal Invisible Bookshelf always has their favorite books floating before there very eyes.

Sun Protective Clothing Is A Nice Practical Gift Idea

Everyone has seen the sunglasses that darken automatically when you go into sunlight. Well, now you can have clothing that changes color as you move out of the shadows, too.

With T-shirts, hats and visors, shorts, flip-flops and more, Del Sol clothes are sun activated. The basic plain two color item, say blue on white, all of a sudden in the sun light has pink, yellow, green and purple hues. They just come alive. They are beautiful.

Del Sol’s special formula for color-change technology was developed from a NASA concept using Spectrachrome® Crystal Dye. The Spectrachrome® crystal reveals color upon irradiation by ultraviolet waves like sunlight.

In technospeak, the shifting or “twisting” of the dye is a molecular excitation transition. The cloth does not actually “change” color; rather, its colors become visible to the human eye.

A Spa Day For Two Is A Fun Gift For Mom

Sometimes, a fun gift for Mom is hard to find, but look no further, because a fabulous spa day is in store for you both. This gift idea will even work if you are looking for a fun gift for two of your favorite people to do together, like your sister and your mom.

Here’s what will happen during this fabulous, great gift. First, you will be offered some wonderful refreshments while you wait for your lifestyle consultation. Every fun gift should include wonderful refreshments. This is the perfect gift for Mom for that very reason, because moms always work hard. These days, too, most people’s jobs do cause a lot of back stress. That’s why your wonderful spa day continues with a relieving back massage. Now that truly is a fun gift.

Your spa day gift continues with a scalp massage. Believe me, if you have never experienced this delight, it is one of the best and most relaxing things that can ever happen to you, and it is something Mom will love. You’ll also get a foot massage.

The crème de la crème of the day is the revitalizing facial. Even by itself, a facial is a great gift for Mom, but with everything else she will experience on spa day, it will be just the cherry on top of her little slice of Heaven.

The offer for this relaxing and revitalizing gift for Mom is available at the Re-Aqua centers across the country, and the country in this case is England. If you don’t happen to live there, but you are looking for a wonderful place to go on vacation, then make this experience a part of your trip. You will remember an experience like this for a lifetime.

This is the best possible gift for Mom or Sis or your best friend that you could possibly give.

One-Of-A-Kind Gift For A Co-Worker

Oh, this looks promising! Do you have a co-worker in the next cubicle with a great sense of humor? Well, the next time he/she has a birthday or you’re up for a gift-exchange, check out a “Pimp My Cubicle” gift set.

This is one tongue-in-cheek gift that will NOT be duplicated. It’s affordable, non-offensive, and it most definitely will give your co-worker a good laugh. 🙂

This gift sets includes all of your basic essentials needed to ‘pimplify’ a cubicle, including: a disco ball, a dollar-sign paper weight, gold pushpins, a bling mouse pad, and leopard fringe to go around a desk.

Help your co-worker release his/her ‘inner-pimp’ with this unusual gift.