Cool Ideas For Corporate Diwali Gifts This Season

Sending out gifts to clients and loved is an essential part of Diwali especially within the corporate business world. Purchasing a box of chocolate as a corporate Diwali gift has been trendy and amazing over the past decades; however, it does not excite most recipients anymore!

So why are you delaying in finding some unique corporate Diwali gift ideas and purchase some of the best ones you could possibly lay your hands on? Before choosing a corporate Diwali gift, some factors such as budget, uniqueness, and homogeneity are what one must consider.

With millions of customized gifts one can find available online, it is very easy for one to hop from one idea to another in a split second. Sip a cup of coffee and relax. Customize your Diwali gift ideas in such a way that it helps both the company and its clients to boost up the bond between both of them.

Some corporate Diwali gifts a company might send to clients during Diwali festival might include some customized wares or glasswares with the company’s logo sculpted on them.

Corporate gifts should not be too formal or boring rather your corporate gift should inspire clients to learn to work longer with you. The corporate Diwali gifts could include some elements used daily such as a pen, desktop articles, executive diary and much more. The corporate Diwali gifts should be variedly unisex in nature.

You can also choose from a bunch of handcrafted items such as magazine holder, wall clocks, and handmade German silver bowl set, wine glass etc. made from rustic materials that definitely spark up one’s mood. You might also want to take a glance at the silver plated corporate gift items such as a crystal flask and basket. You can also pick from any of the ideas listed below to light up the Diwali celebration.

· Pen: It is a common saying that a pen is mightier than the sword. In most cases, it seems very true because it has the power to change the world and therefore, wrapping a nice pen to someone with your business logo on it seems to be a perfect Diwali Gift. You might consider including a pen in your list of ideas for your clients, employees, or business associates.

· Lakshmi Ganesh Idol: Ganesha is the god of success and Laksmi is the god of wealth and prosperity. The worship of Lakshmi Ganesh is more prominent during the period of Diwali and gifting this idol to people is the perfect way to celebrate with someone. This is a Diwali gift which is so much appreciated by the benefactor and therefore you might want to give it a try.

· Decorative Candles: Diwali is the festival of light so you might want to give the decorative candles as a corporate Diwali gift to someone. It plays a vital role in this Diwali festival hence you can use it a corporate Diwali gift to your clients or employees. It indirectly shows your interest in lightening up their life and can easily fit into your budget.

· Laptop Sleeves: Are you surprised? You can actually send this as a corporate Diwali gift to your employee or client with unique and customized laptop sleeves. Don’t you think it’s superb to make them understand how important they are to you? This is something they can use in their daily activities, therefore, give it a try.

From the few items listed above, you now have some options to pick the best corporate Diwali gift based on your needs and budget.

Let the creativity in you shine and reflect in the varieties of corporate Diwali gifts you choose for your employees or clients. While looking out for corporate Diwali gifts this season, let it be memorable not because it has to but because you want it to.

Amazing Ideas for Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to build customer relations among businesses and to drive any business towards success as it enables you to maintain a friendly relationship with your associates, employees, partners and clients. It could be a daunting task sometimes to choose an appropriate gift for your associates or client as there is no dearth of corporate gift ideas available in the market these days. But you need to devote some time and thought before picking up a gift item as a considerate choice in this regard can not only help you display your appreciation in an effective way but also strengthen your relationship on a personal level with them.
Overall, the gifts should be unique and of high-quality yet within your budget. We suggest you to introduce an element of personal touch to the gift to pleasantly surprise them and show that your business is concerned about them. We share some innovative ideas here, which are just perfect for corporate gifts

A Classy Pick

One of the most popular and liked corporate gift items includes a set of tie and cufflinks, and to further enhance the appeal of your gift, add a classy pen to it. These items are frequently used in the corporate world and people who use them regularly have great value attached to it. Tie and cufflinks are available in several very attractive packages in the market; pick a Pierre Cardin pen to give this combo a classy touch.

A Bonsai Tree Kit

A little bonsai tree makes a special and appreciative gift as it symbolizes a person’s development within a firm. In addition to this, a gardening gift is a nice gesture altogether. There are tree kits available in the market which has rendered the task easier and hassle-free as they contain all the materials required to grow these mini trees.

A Healthy Surprise

A healthy client is always a happy client! Take a lead from this saying and support your clients’ healthy habits by gifting them infuser water bottles. Spend some time and pick up the ones that are leakproof, dishwasher safe, BPA-free and shatterproof to encourage healthy hydration. People can also enhance the taste of their water by adding fresh fruits, mint or other natural ingredients into the bottle.

Good Luck Hampers

All of us love to possess good luck charms as gift items, and your clients’ and employees are no exception to this. You have several choices at your disposal in this regard; either go for a combo of two welcome Buddha statues or gift a silver tray along with sweets and a decorated statue of Lord Ganesha. These items at the entrance of the office promise to bring in good luck and positive vibes.

A Large Basket of Indulgence

Large gift hampers always manage to grab instant attention of everyone. You can also use it as a tool to build a personal relationship by presenting an edible hamper to your client filled with some mouth-watering snacks like Vicenzovo Italian ladyfingers, a variety of chocolates like Temptations and Ferrero Rocher, a pack of crunchy or chocolaty popular biscuit, etc.

5 Corporate Gifts That Are Always in Trend

A great corporate gift is the best way to show your appreciation to your employees, associates, partners and clients and to develop a personal relationship. In case you already share a great camaraderie, it takes your rapport to the next level.
Customized gifts have grown popular over the years as they introduce an element of personal touch and remembrance to the corporate gifts. A customized gift makes a wonderful impression and holds a greater value.
These days the market is flooded with innovative ideas, you can find or order almost anything you can think of. Here is a list of some unique items in this category.

Sweet Indulgence –

Chocolates packed in customized wooden boxes are one of the most popular options for corporate gifts. Pick boxes made of superior quality with elegant looks create a lasting impact on the receiver. Packaging and presentation is very important, not only to keep the chocolates safe but to beautifully display your brand name.

In addition to this, putting a personalized greeting message on butter paper inside the box, adds to the décor. You can customize the message by adding your name, logo or punch line. This could be a perfect gifting option for festivals and special occasions too.

Personalized Coffee Mug –

Personalized coffee mugs are perhaps the most common of all corporate gifts but interestingly, they have never been out of trend. You can select one of your sweetest memories from the past and get it printed on mug.
Coffee is known to be a great social stimulant and a customized coffee mug will create a pleasant memory for your client or employee every time they take a sip.


While the use of papers in offices’ has diminished over the years, paperweights have turned into a prized collector’s item. A stylish and handy paperweight works as an attractive addition on any desk and makes for a great gift. Also people are now fond of antiques and old stuff that usually used to be trendier in past.
Customized paperweights with your firm’s name and a sweet personal message make your desk look good. They are easily available, both online and physical stores.

Diaries and Pens

Diaries and pens are perhaps the most popular corporate gifts and important items in a business person’s cabinet. Not just during the office hours, but even when you are out for a meeting, you can’t afford to miss out on your diary and pen.
Beautifully crafted stationery sets are available these days with everything in a single pack. You can customize it by adding some visual appeal along with engravings and messages. If your budget is limited, you can even use business stickers to display your name.

Photo Frames
Photo frames are another option that makes for a great business gift. You can go for customized frames to deliver a personal sentiment or freeze a memorable moment forever.
There are a variety of frames available in the market. For instance a rolling frame which has frames on all its sides and keep rotating on its stand giving a view of all the family members and friends. Of course they are electrically driven but very user-friendly.



Effectiveness of Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift giving is a serious business. It plays an important role when building new networks or enhancing critical relationships in the business world.

In fact, if used properly it can provide the company with a valuable means of strengthening relationships with its key customers and employees, creating goodwill, and promoting the company’s business.

A properly timed and appropriate gift is one of the best ways of conveying the important message that a relationship matters. The most popular times for giving, of course, are festivals. But the corporate gift giving on other times of the year for instance birthdays, can have a more profound personal impact on the relationship.

To better understand the science behind corporate gifting, look over this wonderful infographic:

The Ultimate Anniversary Gift Guide

Once officially married, you will measure your time together in wedding anniversaries. This memorable event deserves a thoughtful gift for your partner.

You probably know that each anniversary has a different meaning and gift associated with it. The different gift associated with each passing year represents the various stages you pass through in your marriage.

As the years go by, sturdy and durable gifts were chosen signifying the progressive strengthening of the marriage relationship.

To help you decide on the perfect gift to give to your partner, get some inspiration from the the list of anniversary gifts by year in this wonderful infographic:

How to Creatively Wrap a Birthday Present Beyond The Box

It’s usually the thought that counts when it comes to gifting your loved on their birthday, but wrapping is just as important. There is something heart warming about receiving a gift that has been wrapped creatively with extra loving care.

The etiquette of wrapping adds a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving. The effort put in to wrapping a gift beautifully tells our loved ones that you put your heart into every step of the process.

Like intricate icing on a cake baked with lots of love (and chocolate), it’s all about the presentation. Picking up a few hints from some expert gift-wrappers and putting in a little creativity will ensure that the recipient appreciates your presentation just as much as what’s underneath. Here are some unique and simple ideas to get you started:

Birthday Gift Ideas Timeline

Shopping for the perfect birthday present for your loved ones can be a struggle. It’s best to tailor your birthday gift ideas more closely to their personality and showing that you have put extra effort into celebrating their big day. Begin your hunt by taking into consideration the recipient’s gender, age, style and interests. Also, try to tap into the personal values and needs of your recipient.

In fact, if you want to be a really successful giver of gifts try to get inside the head of the intended recipient. But, a good understanding of the recipient’s phase of life can help you find a unique and thoughtful birthday gift that they are sure to love.

To spark some inspiration, we’ve compiled a range of birthday gifting ideas in this infographic:

A Very Special Gift Idea for a Disabled Child

“What kind of gift should I buy for an eight year old girl?” a friend of mine recently asked me.

“Dolls, toys, anything”, I responded.

“Im stumped, my friend said, this little girl is completely paralyzed”.

Sadly, this little girl, the daughter of one of my friends co-workers, didnt want dolls like most eight year old girls do. Not because she couldnt play with them, my friend explained, but because “they werent like her”. They were like the OTHER kids at school.

My friend and I got together that night and searched the internet for hours. We really didnt even know what we were looking for. I’ll tell you one thing, we were completely disappointed by the search engines results for gifts for handicapped children.

Finally, she found a website called Sew Dolling. The company offers 18 inch dolls for children with disabilities. Several dolls can found with wheel chairs, prostheses, and crutches. Theyre very unique, carefully crafted, and theyre made of a vinyl (not porcelain). If they fall, they wont break.

Although we were both excited to find this unique gift, I really hope that other companies start marketing items that are play-friendly to children with disabilities.

Are you wondering how the child reacted to her gift? She loved it! Finally, a doll that wasnt like the “other kids” at school. If theres a special needs child in your family or neighborhood, this is a wonderful little gift!

Info Bites About Chocolate

Chocolate is considered the perfect indulgent treat. But, this sweet, rich and delicious superfood is good for more than curing a broken heart.

The secret behind its powerful punch is cacao, also the source of the sweet’s distinct taste. The magical molecule found in cocoa that is responsible for multiple positive effects is theobromine. The higher the cocoa content, the more health benefits there are. But, the only problem is that this little bean is a disease-killing bullet on its own is bitter, chalky, nasty stuff.

We are not talking about junk chocolate in candy bars but good chocolate which is to say dark chocolate, with a cocoa percentage of around seventy percent or more is really is good for us. In fact, dark chocolate has a long history being used as a healing plant, a mood enhancer, and even an aphrodisiac.

Enter milk, sugar, and butter which is good for your taste buds, not always good for your health. Besides adding calories, these can dilute the benefits of cacao. So, snack smart and use high quality chocolate to take delicious control of your biology

Research is continuing all the time, and experts have already found that chocolate is good for the heart, circulation and brain, and it has been suggested that it may be beneficial in such major heath challenges as autism, obesity and diabetes.

And in fact, the very latest research suggests that eating chocolate could help keep your brain function whirring into old age.

The infographic below has a multitude of science-backed reasons to indulge in chocolate everyday :



A Gift Idea For Anyone Who Love’s Batman’s Joker

As you can tell by the hordes of fandom making their way to the theaters to dutifully watch every Batman movie that makes an appearance, Gotham City is quite the tourist destination. If your buddy reads comics, chances are that he reads Batman”. But what does SHE read?

“Batman”, of course. But for slightly different reasons.

If you have a girl-buddy who likes comics, get her into a Batman conversation. She will be too thrilled that you finally want to talk about one of her favorite things. See how long it takes her to bring up the Joker.

Girls who like Batman LOVE the Clown Prince of Crime. He’s a snappy dresser. He has style. He knows how to turn a phrase. That’s pretty much all it takes to win a girl’s heart. Face it; a guy who wears purple suits and green hair can’t afford not to have panache. 🙂

That’s why DC Comics gave us good ol’ Harley Quinn, our girl-on-the-front when it comes to Joker adoration. (Situations like this are why they say you shouldn’t date your patients, Dr. Quinzel.) But what’s done is done, and we’ve all had at least one joker in our lives. I, for one, always did like a good laugh.

So go ahead and get your Joker-lovin’ friend a copy of “The Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told”.It has cover art by British artist Brian Bolland, a man who has obviously seen Mistah J himself, up close and personal. It’s perfectly okay for your friend to ooh and ahh over this bad boy as much as she wants. It isn’t like he can go all “Take on Me” and reach out of the panels or anything.

Or can he?